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Monday, March 28, 2011


Much like Garfield Minus Garfield, 3eanuts is styled by removing a panel from a comic such that the pervasive and generally depressive thoughts of our own are highlighted...and that's it.

3eanuts is the site, and it's got that... I don't even know how best to describe it.  Take a few minutes to look at a few and not give a thoughtful "Hm."

Darker comedy, richer quality.  Of course it's my opinion that it's better sans-punchline, but honestly, I just read the Sunday paper yesterday and it was horrid.

Things like this remind me why we pay the big bucks to the dudes who make people cry in front of a camera, because ultimately we want to know that someone else in the world can recognize the dark parts we get so possessive over.  Being able to make fun of those parts is the tricky part, and with the final joke omitted it's much more difficult to screw up what starts off as damn good commentary on life.   Give 3eanuts a follow and two minutes an update.  Let it do something more than fill space in shitty newspapers.

Also, again like GmG, it's an idea based off a popular and massive collection of comics.  Worry not about it running out any time soon.


  1. I bookmarked that site! Thanks for sharing!

  2. lol thanks for the find. will visit the site now.

  3. o charlie brown, i bet hes dead now lol
    good old days though,and btw that comic guy
    got serious despair issues lol
    but sometimes dark comedy plays its part pretty well